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How to take a good ID Card Photo with Iphone

Where should you take Your ID PHOTOS?
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You can either take your pictures indoors or outdoors with several options for taking the best photos. 

Here are a few options: 

Registered Prompt Passport Producers 
Passport offices in the U.S
Retail stores or Pharmacies
UPS shipping and FedEx centers 
Online Image Editing
You can also take your ID photos at home and get excellent quality. With technological advancements, more persons are opting to take pictures at home.

How can I make a perfect fake ID picture with a smartphone

Thankfully, with online filing and application processes, you don’t need to print pictures for your ID card applications.  All you need

A smartphone
An app
Several paid and free applications abound
All the applications have similar instructions to assist you to take great ID photos.

Tips for taking fake ID and passport photos at home

You are probably wondering if there is a way to take a perfect passport photograph without being an expert photographer. Yes, you can achieve it once you know the prerequisites and follow them.

Use a Tripod to Take your Pictures 
Primary Prerequisites for ID Photo
Facial Expression and Pose
What Attire to wear for your fake ID picture 
Let us go from the basics to the step-by-step guide to taking pictures. 

Use a Tripod to Take your Pictures 
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You can use a digital camera, smartphone, or tablet to take your ID photo, as long as it can get you quality pictures.

If you are taking your pictures alone, a tripod will help you to stabilize your phone and ensure that the photograph is stable. However, if you don’t have a tripod, you can get a friend to assist you in holding the camera and taking a picture of you.

Primary Prerequisites for ID Photo

The photo background must be a white or off-white color. Other colored backgrounds don’t work for a passport or ID.
Avoid standing in front of wallpapers, tiles, and walls. Also, remove every object from behind and around you before setting the background.
A black and white photo is prohibited, so you must get a colored picture, Natural lighting is great for ID passports
A photo should be 51 by 51 mm (2″ by 2″). The head must be centered and sized between 25 and 35 mm (1” and 1.4”)
Your passport must be current and not more than six months old
Facial Expression and Pose

You shouldn’t have a definitive facial expression
Your eyes must not be closed
Face the camera completely in a full face angle
What Attire to wear for your fake ID picture 

You must not wear eyeglasses, except for medical purposes.
Avoid using makeup, accessories, or fancy clothes for your fake ID photographs. 
Don’t wear any uniform, unless a religious or daily attire.
Ensure that there are no headphones, gadgets, or wireless devices in your photograph.
Head coverings are not accepted, except for religious purposes. And then, the headgear should not leave a shadow. 

This website has all the features and details you need to take an ID passport, regardless of your state or country of origin. You can create a picture on this website, print, and mail the photos. However, it might cost you quite a lot to get them mailed to you.

The State Department of the U.S.A
 This is the official tool that the state department uses to carry out their jobs. This software is primarily for cropping passport photos, following the laid down rules and regulations for the process. 
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You can also take a photo, edit it using the tool, and then print. 

Photo Booth
The photo booth app is perfect for people who plan to take their ID passports in their homes. It contains features that help you to create unique pictures and meet up to the expected standards. 

You can also save the picture and mail it without paying any fee.

Final Thoughts and Additions 

The seven steps we discussed above will help you take the perfect ID photograph at home without having to visit a traditional photo booth or expert photographer. 

All the tips we gave you above are based on information from the passport office. You can also get other vital pieces of information on the official website of the state department. 

Ensure to follow all the rules and guidelines when preparing, taking, editing, and mailing an excellent passport for your new fake ID.

Don’t leave out any caution point or guideline when taking your pictures. Check every photograph side by side with the requirements and see if they fit. It is an excellent idea to take as many pictures as possible because it will help you make a great choice after lots of observations. 

When you submit your pictures and your information form, the officials in charge of handling your illegal fake passports will study your form and ensure that all your details are correct. If they approve your passport and details, you can get a fake ID.

If you are looking for the perfect agency to get a fake ID card, we can assure you of a team that will deliver the best quality of fake ID cards. The fake ID cards we offer have all the features of a real card; only an expert will identify that it is fake.

Our fake ID cards carry features like special paper, watermark, customized templates, latent imagery, and microprinting. We also offer ID cards with fluorescent dyes, laser perforation, and color-changing ink.

The best and most certain fake ID card is one that has all the essential features of the real one and looks like it. With our fake ID cards, you can visit age-related venues like bars, night clubs, and events. Our cards are also scannable, meaning that you can use them at any venue in the state without having to worry about security officials and exclusion based on your age.

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