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Fake ID Glossary

There are a lot of terms in the fake ID niche that may seem alien to people. Well, they are. This industry is dominated by many technical terms but don’t worry. In this glossary we will try to explain some of them for you.

Fake ID Glossary fake id maker
Barcode – This is an encoded part of your ID card. The code is used as a unique identifier for that particular ID card.

Hologram – The hologram is part of ID security. It changes color and form when exposed to light. The hologram cannot be replicated and used on a different ID. It gives your ID authenticity.

Ghosted Photo – A ghosted photo is a portrait found on most IDs but instead of using a normal picture, this one is faded deliberately to give it a unique look. It is also part of the security features added to prevent ID reproduction.

Signature Panel – This is the place where the signature of the ID’s owner will be located. The panel is normally placed under your name.

Micro-Text – Micro text, as the name suggests, is a very small imprint placed on the ID. The text cannot be seen by the visible eye and it is used to differentiate between fake and genuine IDs.

Laser Engrave – This is a type of imprint that is placed on the ID using a laser. It could be your name or signature.

Smart Chip – This is an encoded chip that holds the information about the ID. It is the more secure alternative to the magnetic stripe.

PVC – PVC is the plastic material that is used to make the card. It is more durable and flexible. PVC also lasts longer and holds the imprinted details better than other materials.

Well, this is the full ID glossary. If there are some words you have come across not covered here, let us know and we will explain them further.

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