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What Equipment is Needed to Make an ID?

There are so many fake and novelty ID makers online these days. People just go to their website, pick out a design, and get their IDs printed and shipped in no time.
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But do you know the kind of equipment needed to make these IDs? Well, we will break this down for you.

First, you will need a camera and a computer. The camera is used to take the photo. After all, there is no ID without a photo. But if you already have a few photos, you can use those instead.

A computer, on the other hand, will be used to design the ID before it’s printed. Secondly, you will need a printer. ID cards are printed on PVC so they will need specialized printers.
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You will also need a laminating machine. IDs have to be laminated to protect them from wear and tear. A laminating machine will come handy in this. In some cases, you may need more advanced tools.

A laser, in particular, will be required if you intend to engrave important security imprints on the ID. A hole maker or puncher could also be needed but it’s not that necessary. Finally, you will need some PVC for the job.

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